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Server Management Software

Manage Your Charge Easily with Powerşarj OCPP Software.

Remote Control and Reservation

Remote reservation of charging stations allows seamless management of operations such as start, stop, reset and activation/deactivation.

Advanced Reporting Panel

The Powerşarj Management Panel offers a user-friendly dashboard to monitor the performance of charging stations and generate advanced reports. It makes it easy for you to make data-driven decisions.

Push Notifications

Managers and users are informed with real-time feedback via the app. You receive automatic e-mail notifications in case of malfunctions at charging stations.

Powerful API Services

Our devices provide comprehensive API services for users, subsidiaries, facilities and to view live charging data. MQTT integration makes data sharing and device management seamless.

Device Monitoring

Check the status of charging stations and access the reports you need to get the best performance.

Easy OCPP Record Monitoring

You can monitor OCPP 2.0.1 and OCPP 1.6 server logs without any problems. Our software supports various OCPP protocol versions.

Virtual POS Integration

Payment transactions are easily managed with Virtual POS integration. You perform secure and practical payment transactions.

EMRA Compliance

We provide a high quality service in accordance with the Electricity Market Distribution Service Quality Regulation.


User Management and Security

Manager Authorization and Subsidiary Control

Charge Statistics

Map Access and Prices


We Offer Customized Charging Solutions for Your Individual Needs or Business.

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