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Our Story

We power the future with our energy.

We design the world of tomorrow with strong collaborations.

Powerşarj, a subsidiary of White Rose, one of the leading companies in the automation industry, combines 24 years of experience with superior technology and sustainability. We provide uninterrupted service in every region of Turkey with our AC-DC electric vehicle charging stations for commercial and individual use, superior software solutions, 173 dealers, extensive service and support network, quality and qualification certificates. We shape the future of electric mobility and open up to the world with innovative technologies.

Transportation for a sustainable world
We are changing their habits.

Our biggest dream is to create a cleaner, greener, more modern world for everyone by reducing our carbon footprint. With this mission, we are creating an ever-growing energy ecosystem. With the electric vehicle charging stations we offer, we are changing long-standing habits.

We shape the future of transportation with the experience of the past.

We believe that the transition from fossil fuel use to electric mobility is the key to a sustainable future. In order to accelerate this process, we are working to bring our smart charging technologies to every country, every city, and even every home with our 24 years of know-how in R&D and vast experience in charging stations and new generation charging technologies.

We are opening up to the world from Turkey with domestic and national technology.
We represent our country in the world market with our domestic and national electric vehicle charging stations. Our stations undergo all necessary tests and controls by Turkish engineers and are manufactured in Turkey. Our stations, which use first-class environmentally friendly materials and have more advanced technological equipment than imported products, offer you everything you need for electric vehicle charging.

We are making electric mobility accessible for everyone.

Our charging solutions easily adapt to different models of vehicles and we continuously expand our service network. We incorporate electric mobility into life with user-friendly solutions for individual and corporate needs. Our goal is to make new technologies simple, convenient and accessible for more people.

We cover all needs with an ideal solution.

Our stations, which adapt to every environment with their ergonomic and stylish design, make a difference with their fast charging capacity. With the Dynamic Load Balancing System, we prevent extra costs, excessive grid load and power outages. We offer an optimum solution for all your charging needs with our user-friendly products and services that protect your vehicle from possible damage with its safe structure.


We Offer Customized Charging Solutions for Your Individual Needs or Business.

For more information, you can contact us by filling out our "Contact" form. Embrace the technologies of the future with Powerşarj!