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You can easily find the nearest station from the map section in the mobile application and on the website to charge your vehicle. You can download our mobile application from the application markets.

To use Powerşarj's public charging stations, you need to register via the mobile app or have a Powerşarj card. You can apply for a card and create your membership on the Powerşarj mobile app.

To start charging, make sure the cable is connected to your vehicle and the station. You can then start the charging process by scanning your Powerşarj card in the field on the device or by scanning the QR code on the device with the Powerşarj mobile application. You can end the charging process in the same way, either by scanning your Powerşarj card or by clicking the 'Stop Charging' button on the Map page of your mobile application.

Yes, you can find real-time availability information and locations of Powerşarj stations via the mobile app or website. You can access instant availability updates of stations on the map and plan your charging accordingly.

Powerşarj charging stations are compatible with all full electric vehicles and plug-in hybrid vehicles. 

Powerşarj charging stations are compatible with all full electric vehicles and plug-in hybrid vehicles. 

You can use Powerşarj stations as many times as you want with the membership you create through the mobile application and view your past charges. Open the Powerşarj app on your phone, scan the QR code on the screen and start charging quickly.

In AC-type charging stations, the alternating current coming from the grid is converted into linear current with the help of a converter on the vehicle and transmitted to the battery. In this type of stations, it is possible to obtain energy output up to 22 kW capacity. In direct current, DC type charging stations, the alternating current in the grid is converted into direct current on the station and then transmitted to the vehicle battery. DC stations are also known as high-speed charging stations and can charge faster than AC charging stations.

Charging time may vary according to the charging current your vehicle can receive. Powerşarj stations are designed to provide energy up to 1000 Volts and up to the kW indicated on the station label, if your vehicle is suitable. By charging your vehicle at Powerşarj stations in accordance with the charging power of your vehicle, you will charge your vehicle faster and safer than other stations and save time.

The AC charging station has a 3Phase (3P) charging current up to 32A (22kW) and can charge in varying times depending on the capacity of the vehicle. The station includes standard features and protections compatible with all vehicles as basic requirements.


Powerşarj offers many specialized services both for businesses and for individual use. Whether you need solutions for charging your own vehicle or charging your corporate fleet, Powerşarj provides a wide range of solutions. Specialized installation services are provided for many areas, including homes, sites, workplaces, parking lots, hotels, gas stations and more. 

By utilizing Powerşarj's commercial charging solutions, you can attract electric vehicle users, support sustainability initiatives and generate revenue from charging services. To learn more about the advantages of Powerşarj's commercial solutions, check our "Corporate Solutions" page to find the right service for your business.

If you have an area suitable for operating a charging station, you can request a discovery by contacting our company via our website or call center. Depending on the suitability of your location and energy sufficiency, we install the station free of charge and give you a share of the revenue.

Yes, Powerşarj can help you with the installation and sale of a charging station for your home. We have models from 3.5 kW to 22.0 kW for your home or workplace. After the discovery of our technical team, a charging station can be installed in the most suitable area in your garage. You can review our Individual Solutions page to discover our solutions for you.


Powerşarj is with you in all installation and maintenance processes. You can find our contact information on our website and mobile application. You can reach us 24/7 +90 850 308 96 96 You can get instant support with our call center.

You can find our contact information on our website and mobile application. You can reach us 24/7 +90 850 308 96 96 You can call the POWERŞARJ Customer Service number.

When the charging process starts in a healthy way, the charging cable locks itself separately to the station and the vehicle, making it closed to external interventions. If you encounter a technical problem and realize that the charging cable is disconnected, you can contact our 24/7 active +90 850 308 96 96 You can contact us through our call center.

In case you encounter any technical problems or have questions about charging, we are available 24/7. +90 850 308 96 96 You can contact us through our call center.

White Rosecontinues its activities in Turkey with the Powerşarj brand it established. Powerşarj is a White Rose organization and continues to invest in electric vehicle charging stations.


According to your consumption amount; it is calculated by multiplying the charging process consumption by the socket tariff. You can find detailed information about our price tariff in the "Pricing" tab in the mobile application and on our website.

You can easily make your payment by adding your credit card information through the application. After the charging process is over, your charge will be calculated and collected from your card as specified on the Charge page in the mobile application. Your card information is secured by secure payment systems and is not shared with any other institution or organization.


We Offer Customized Charging Solutions for Your Individual Needs or Business.

For more information, you can contact us by filling out our "Contact" form. Embrace the technologies of the future with Powerşarj!