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Corporate Solutions

Electric Vehicle Charging Solutions for Businesses

Experience greater control and flexibility in charging and managing your electric vehicles. Support the transportation technology of the future, contributing to innovative lifestyles in harmony with nature. Manage your electric vehicles more efficiently while reducing environmental impact.

Commercial Charging Stations

Provide fast charging for your electric vehicles by installing commercial charging stations suitable for your needs. Both prepare your business for the future and keep up with technological developments.

Charging Solutions for Electric Vehicle Fleets

Manage your business' fleet of electric vehicles more efficiently and economically. Discover our customized solutions and optimize your fleet costs.

Charging Solutions for Workplaces and Plazas

Offer electric vehicle charging services for your customers and employees in your workplaces and plazas. In this way, strengthen the modern and technological infrastructure of your business.

Charging Solutions for Sites

Provide modern and innovative charging stations in public housing and residences. Thus, add value to homeowners with solutions tailored to the needs of sites and residences.

Powerşarj Server Software

Our powerful software is designed to keep your EV charging experience running smoothly. With Powerşarj OCPP Software, you are in control.

Powerşarj Mobile Application

Designed to manage the charging process efficiently. Discover our mobile app to make the charging experience even easier and more enjoyable for your electric vehicles.


We Offer Customized Charging Solutions for Your Individual Needs or Business.

For more information, you can contact us by filling out our "Contact" form. Embrace the technologies of the future with Powerşarj!