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Electric Vehicle Giant BYD Establishes Production Facility in Turkey

Chinese electric vehicle manufacturer BYDsigned an important investment in Turkey. Republic of Turkey Ministry of Industry and Technology Within the scope of the agreement, BYD plans to establish a giant production facility and R&D center in Turkey. Here are the details of this agreement:

1. Investment Amount and Capacity

BYD will invest approximately 1 billion dollars in Turkey. This major investment includes an electric and rechargeable hybrid car production facility with an annual capacity of 150 thousand vehicles. This facility will enable Turkey to become an important center in the automotive industry.

2. Characteristics of the Production Facility

The production facility will be equipped with the latest technologies and will focus on sustainable mobility solutions. This facility, where electric and hybrid vehicles will be produced, will make a major contribution to the growth of the electric vehicle market in Turkey. In addition, the facility, which will produce for domestic and foreign markets, will also increase Turkey's export potential.

3. R&D Center

Under the agreement, BYD will also establish an R&D center in Turkey. This center will focus on sustainable mobility technologies and develop innovative solutions. The R&D center will undertake important projects for both the local and global automotive industry. Thus, it is aimed to support technological innovations and innovation in Turkey.

4. Economic and Employment Impacts

BYD's investment will make significant contributions to the Turkish economy. With the establishment of the production facility and R&D center, thousands of people will be employed. It will also have a positive impact on the sub-industry and supply chain. This investment will strengthen Turkey's position in electric vehicle production and increase its competitiveness in the sector.

5. Sustainability and the Future

BYD's investment in Turkey stands out as an important investment in sustainable mobility and environmentally friendly technologies. The spread of electric and hybrid vehicles will contribute to reducing carbon emissions and protecting the environment. This step will play an important role in achieving Turkey's green energy targets.


This investment agreement signed between BYD and the Ministry of Industry and Technology will lead a major transformation in Turkey's automotive sector. With a $1 billion investment and a production facility with a capacity of 150 thousand vehicles, Turkey will become an important center in electric vehicle production. The R&D center for sustainable mobility will contribute to the development of technological innovations. This investment will be a great gain for Turkey both economically and environmentally.

Source: https://www.sanayi.gov.tr/medya/haber/dunya-devinden-turkiyeye-yatirim-karari

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